Veeam files damaged or encrypted by ransomware, what to do?

Veeam stands out as an essential solution for data backup and replication, combining performance, simplicity and flexibility. This solution is designed to offer seamless security, effectively eliminating (almost) any risk of data loss thanks to its fast, easy-to-use recovery system.

Veeam protects the entire IT infrastructure, whether physical servers, workstations or virtual machines (VMs). This solution generally ensures complete, reliable backup.

However, it can happen that backup data runs into trouble, becomes unavailable, and files are damaged or encrypted following a ransomware attack.

Data loss can be a nightmare for businesses. The technicians at SOS Ransomware are experts in Data Recovery and are here to help you restore your backups, whatever the circumstances. Specializing in the restoration of Veeam files, our service offers an essential lifeline to businesses experiencing a backup problem with the Veeam solution.

What is Veeam and how does it work?

Veeam is a leader in data backup and recovery systems

Veeam is recognized worldwide for its backup solutions, which are particularly well suited to virtual environments such as VMware or Hyper-V. Its ease of use and ability to offer comprehensive data protection make it a preferred choice for an ever-growing number of businesses. Veeam’s advanced protection and recovery features are particularly useful in critical situations. An alternative to Veeam is Acronis True Image.

How a Veeam backup works

Veeam adopts an incremental backup approach, saving storage space and creating three main file types to store backed-up data:

  • VBK (Virtual Backup): corresponding to the complete backup file of a virtual machine. It contains all the VM’s initial data as well as any incremental data stored in Vib files.
  • VIB (Virtual Incremental Block): this file contains only those blocks of data that have changed since the last backup, thus reducing the storage space required for backups.
  • VRB (Veeam Reverse Backup): this file is generated during a reverse incremental backup process, where Veeam modifies the VBK file to match the most recent state of the VM.

Types of problems encountered with Veeam

Despite advances in backup technology, the risk of data loss remains persistent. The causes can be multiple: malicious attacks, human error, storage media degradation, network problems, natural incidents or hardware failures.

A specific Veeam error message, for which our customers frequently contact us, is the “Backup Files are Unavailable” message. This occurs when attempting to restore a virtual machine from a broken backup chain. Veeam’s configuration database identifies the backup job and restore points, but the restore fails. This is a strange error that often occurs without warning, and changing the parameters of the backup job has no effect.

Ransomware and other malware can infect backup systems, leading to the corruption or complete encryption of Veeam’s VBK, VIB and VBR backup files:

During the attack, once the ransomware payloads have been delivered, the attackers’ aim is to exfiltrate sensitive data and encrypt the user’s local files. A financial ransom is demanded to regain access to the data. Some versions of malware are particularly vicious as they target the user’s backup files, with the aim of spreading the malware to the backup directory.

As backups are usually made once a day, the malware typically remains inactive, hiding in plain sight to increase the likelihood of it being copied into backup data directories.

The malware may wait a few weeks or months before activating its payload, often remotely…
Once the payload is activated, there’s a very good chance that the malware will be copied into your latest backup, and potentially into your entire backup system in the long term.

To deal with the various problems encountered with Veeam backups, we are at your disposal to help you recover your data in the event of loss or damage to your backup files.

Thanks to our experience and know-how in this type of file format (VBK, VIB, VRB), our engineers have developed tailor-made solutions to recover your data from corrupted Veeam backups or those encrypted by ransomware.

Sauvegarde et restauration des données support

Data security with Sos Ransomware

SOS Ransomware is a key partner in Veeam data restoration. Our innovative methods and rapid response capabilities make our service a first-rate choice for any company faced with data loss.

A responsive service that eliminates the risk of error

Time is a decisive factor in the event of a disaster, and it often works against organizations. We intervene as quickly as possible, remotely or on-site, to restore your Veeam data, minimizing the impact on your business operations and enabling you to get back up and running quickly.

Having trouble with your Veeam backup system? Have your files been encrypted by ransomware? Problems with corrupted restore points or interrupted backup chains? Is your Veeam repository offline? Are critical files missing from your backup software ?

Systematic evaluation of recovered data

An important aspect of data recovery is ensuring the integrity of the recovered data. SOS Ransomware systematically performs checks on recovered data, thus ensuring the reliability of the results obtained.

What to do when faced with a data loss situation and Veeam backups are unusable?

Data loss can occur in a variety of ways: in the event of a ransomware attack, accidental deletions of .vbk .vib or .vbr files, or errors when restoring Veeam Backup files.

SOS Ransomware has over 20 years’ experience in data recovery, proprietary solutions developed in-house, and proven and innovative methods for restoring and rebuilding Veeam backups.

We invite you to contact our team, who will be able to resolve the most complex cases, particularly in the context of a ransomware attack. In these exceptional circumstances, talking to professionals can be beneficial in many ways, if only to reduce the pressure exerted by hackers on the targeted company as much as possible, or, depending on the solutions available, to correctly assess the actual level of loss.

Request a free quote

For more information or a free quote, we’re at your service. We’re ready to help you overcome your Veeam backup restoration challenges and ensure business continuity.

We systematically provide an estimate of the time required to recover data, and assess the percentage of complete backup data that can be recovered.

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